What is the Maths Olympiad?

Maths Olympiad is a competitive exam conducted nationwide to supplement the arithmetical and logical competency in a child from the grass-root level. Mathematics Olympiad serves as a helping hand to students to thoroughly clear their doubts and concepts and makes them prepared for the competition at various levels. Maths Olympiad in India will in-built a calculative verge right from the basics to advanced learning in students of all age-groups. Also, it will make sure that the educational approach of the students is orderly arranged by the power of mathematics with the help of numbers, series, quantitative approach, critical thinking and also sometimes the potential to solve a particular problem.

How To Participate In Maths Olympiad 2021

The participants can enrol through our website www.qolympiad.com or download the Q Olympiad app from the play store/Apple store. Multiple economic plans are offered to the participants which can be opted as per their ease and subject wish. If still a candidate faces any sort of issues while participating, they can directly contact our team of experts through helpdesk no. who are always willing to solve your queries. Not a system or a laptop, but just a mobile phone is enough for students to take and participate in the examination. Certificates and extraordinary gifts are given as a token of appreciation and rewards to those students who perform exceptionally well in the Maths Olympiad.


How to Prepare for Maths Olympiad Exams

The Math Olympiad Exam demands a higher level of practice and timely revision. The practice sheets and tests on the Q Olympiad app is an effective combination of skill-based questions and a rigorous curriculum chosen by our team of experts.

  • Maths Olympiad worksheets and study material will help solve most of the tough calculations.
  • The chapterwise digital content is a knowledge booster for the students to enhance their knowledge base along with suitable examples to undergo a smart preparation.
  • Solving maths olympiad mock test and attempting sample papers regularly.
  • Practicing questions from daily quizzes and testing your knowledge sections will certainly help in preparations.
  • A few additional resources will certainly help in amplifying learning like maths olympiad practice tests online, maths olympiad questions in the app, Daily Quiz, etc.

Benefits of Maths Olympiad Exams

The Maths Olympiad Exam aids the student’s capabilities and raises their potential to analyse and solve a problem with the help of the most effective strategies and calculations. Also, it helps the child to think analytically by judging them with their aptitude as well as the expertise in a particular topic. The Maths Olympiad Syllabus is designed to state the best tricks on tips for a learner and the nation’s upcoming mathematicians. .

Online Math Olympiad Test

Practice with our interactive worksheets Learn Anytime, Anywhere


Why Choose Q Olympiad for Maths Olympiad Exam?

Q Olympiad nurtures the child’s knowledge from the very basics to advanced levels depending upon their problem solving skills. Also, it aims to foster a child amidst today’s advanced learning patterns and competition from a very tender age. Conceptual understanding and early exposure to competitive examinations for every class on a national-level is why you should choose us for the Math Olympiad exam.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

The Online Math Olympiad Exam will be held nationwide in November 2021. The datesheet is available on the website and the mobile app. Timely reminders will also be given to the students on their mobile apps.

The interested students can easily register on the Q Olympiad app. Registrations are active all 12 months of the year for classes 1-12. The personal info and verification process is requested to complete the registration. The mobile app and website gives detailed information on the available plans to unlock the entire study material and hurdle free preparation.Hence, it very user-friendly to apply for Maths Olympiad.

Yes. Maths Olympiad sample papers are one of the best sources to learn from the scratch and understand the concepts better and clearly. The previous year sample papers reflect the ideal mode and tactics to study smartly. Moreover, it will help the participants to analyse their weakness in the subjects and topics and concentrate more to convert it into their area of strength. The weaker topics are prepared wisely and smartly by the students with the help of sample papers for better results.

The Maths Olympiad exam comes at a very pocket-friendly price and is offered in multiple economic plans. The pricing starts from 150 INR, which is very basic and most affordable price offered by any Olympiad.

The Maths Olympiad exam can be catered depending on the complexity with the difference in the levels of classes. A level-up studies are required to pass the Maths Olympiad Exam with flying colors. The study material on our app covers all the topics from nationwide accepted mediums and daily solving of practice sheets/tests along with the Mock Tests. However, taking out a little time from daily routine and practicing the worksheets on a daily basis is quite enough to be studied for the Maths Olympiad.

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