What is the General Knowledge Olympiad?

Students who keep themselves updated with those current happenings around the globe surely choose a more extended and clear path for their careers. The General Knowledge Olympiad exam helps the students to test their knowledge in the various fields of education like environment, nature, countries, sports, culture, history, languages and whatnot. General Knowledge Olympiad in India nurtures a child from the basics until the advanced knowledge of day-to-day scenarios and environment. It also shows a clearer picture of how and what’s happening amidst the places at a distance.

Therefore, the General Knowledge Olympiad is a booster for students who wish to sharpen their skills and keep themselves highly updated with current situations. The content covered in this exam is never restricted to just the bookish world but rather way beyond the regular school syllabus. Therefore, it helps in giving a good shape to a child’s future.

How To Participate In Gk Olympiad

The participants can enrol through our website or download the Q Olympiad app from the play store/app store. Various pocket-friendly plans are offered to the students as per their subject choice and economical budget. The team of experts always stays available in case of any issues faced during and after the registration. The examination can conducted just with the help of a mobile phone, which is more than enough. In fact, the students who perform exceptionally well are rewarded with certificates and outstanding awards highly used by students. Hence, it is effortless to participate in the G.K. Olympiad. The G.K. Olympiad registration 2021 begins in November and will be notified to students on their mobile app.


How to Prepare for Gk Olympiad Exams

General Knowledge Olympiad is a broad subject that holds an end number of topics. To prepare for the General Knowledge Olympiad, students need to devote a few hours every day. The textbooks, application or worksheets, and taking a glance into reading daily newspapers and watching the news on television helps to cater to the maximum number of day-to-day information. In addition, daily routine practice with the help of practice papers and tests will help get good scores and make the student future-competition ready.

  • Daily spin & win and quizzes on the app consist of questions from current affairs, which helps a child prepare better.
  • Mock tests and previous year GK Olympiad sample papers also add to the learning
  • A few additional resources like daily newspaper reading and blogs boost the knowledge from different corners of the world.
  • General Knowledge questions can be prepared and practised through an app.

Benefits of Gk Olympiad Exams

General Knowledge Exams takes you a step ahead as compared to the consistent curriculum in schools and institutes. Also, it makes sure that a child is completely updated with his surroundings and caters to more knowledge, not just subject-specific but also covers all sources that a child should be aware The General Knowledge Exams Syllabus is designed in such a way that the students gain a lot of self-confidence and can convey the correct information to the others if ever asked. General Knowledge is beneficial because it’s a part of daily self-updating in today’s times.

Online General Knowledge Olympiad Test

Practice with our interactive worksheets Learn Anytime, Anywhere


Why Choose Q Olympiad for GK Olympiad Exam?

Q Olympiad follows not just the subject-specific approach but is also indulged for researching thoroughly and show-casing proof-based statements for wider learning of a student. Not just the answers but also the description of it can be extracted with the help of digital study material provided on the app.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

No, it is not. In fact, the General Knowledge Olympiad is very much based on how updated you have kept yourself with the day-to-day environment.

The General Knowledge exam 2021 will be conducted nationwide in November 2021. The students can take Online G.K Olympiad on their mobile phones by sitting at their homes.

Regular practising with the help of Gk olympiad practice tests online and acquiring knowledge on different areas by reading books, newspapers, solving quizzes and question sheets, and reading the digital content topic wise will help crack the G.K. Olympiad.

The General Knowledge Olympiad comes at exceptionally budget-friendly pricing starting from just rupees 150 with a choice of subjects.

Questions about the environment, life skills, literature and media, aptitude and logical reasoning, plants and animals and current affairs are asked in the G.K. Olympiad exam. In addition, the participants can check the G.K. Olympiad syllabus for better clarity.

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