Q Olympiad Exam FAQs

Why Q Olympiad Tests?

Breaking the traditional method of Olympiad exam patterns, Q works on building a strong foundation for the child by ensuring thorough understanding of concepts rather than rote learning. Our method of conducting the Olympiad exams is totally different.

Our content enables the child to understand the concept at the fundamental level by way of helpful sample papers and worksheets to polish their skills in various subjects. Thereafter, they can give the Olympiad exam which consists of unique questions, enabling the child to actually think and answer logically.

What is the benefit of Q Olympiad tests in India?

The Indian education system has been under a lot of criticism lately and the changes have already begun to make the system more effective. However, a majority of students complete their schooling without understanding the basic concepts that are needed to shape their careers and lives.

Q Olympiad tests fill this gap and specifically focus on simplifying and clarifying the concept rather than just burdening the child's mind with an overload of information. Hence, our Olympiad exams are developed with unique questions that the child may not have come across before. This makes the child think and assess based on his/her knowledge of the topic.

How do Q Olympiad tests keep the child motivated to learn?

Since there is an option to challenge one’s friends, the child stays engaged throughout the process. This invokes an ‘eager to learn’ attitude in the child due to healthy competition. The peer to peer interactions keep interest levels up.

Moreover, through these Olympiad exams, the child also earns coins for every win which also makes him/her eligible for rewards. The rewards and recognition structure of Q Olympiad exams helps the child stay excited and motivated about the learning process without feeling burdened.

Who is eligible for Q Olympiad exams?

Q has started the Olympiad for students of classes 1st-12th. However, the app is open and free for all age groups, so anyone can download it to enhance their knowledge and also win prizes alongside.

Can I/my child appear for the Q Olympiad exams online?

Yes, Q Olympiad exams are available online on any device, including any smartphone.

How should I/my child apply for Q Olympiad exams?

You simply have to download the Q app from the Play Store/Apple Store, and enroll for the Olympiad exam. You can choose the subject/subjects you would like to prepare and appear for. These subjects are divided into 3 plans that include value added modules. These help the child prepare better.

How do I study or prepare my child for Q Olympiad exams?

Q offers a wide range of simple and easy content for each subject, so the student does not need to refer to any other book or spend money elsewhere on tuitions etc. Alongside content, Q also offers sample papers, worksheets, unsolved papers, quiz etc. to enhance the child's knowledge of the subject.

What type of questions are asked in Q Olympiad tests?

Every subject is divided into 4 different categories. Each category has its own set of questions that help to assess the child's overall growth.

Categories covered in English Q Olympiad exam:
  • Reading skills
  • Work and structure knowledge
  • Spoken and written expression
  • Achievers' section (High Order Thinking skills)
Categories covered in Math Q Olympiad exam:
  • Everyday Mathematics
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Logical reasoning
  • Achievers' section (Real life connect)
Categories covered in Science Q Olympiad exam:
  • Everyday Science
  • Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning
  • High Order Thinking skills
  • Achievers' section (Think and answer)
Categories covered in GK Q Olympiad exam:
  • Current Affairs
  • General awareness
  • Logical reasoning
  • Values and life skills

Is there any negative marking in Q Olympiad tests?

No, there's no negative marking in Q Olympiad tests.

Is the Q Olympiad test free of cost?

Q Olympiad exam learning app is absolutely free of cost, but it comes with limited features and limited access to the content. For choosing Olympiad exam, one needs to choose a nominally priced paid plan starting from 249-799 only.

How do I find out my Olympiad results?

The Olympiad results will be shared nationwide on Q app itself under the Result section. The result dates will be shared in advance.

Will Olympiad exams be held this year?

Yes, we will be conducting Olympiad exams this year. It is our constant endeavour to ensure your child's growth without any disruption.

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