About the English Olympiad

English Olympiad is a minutely designed curriculum for the students who aim to excel in vocabulary and grammatical skills. The English language is known to be the base of education where speaking as well as listening skills plays a vital part. The dedication to learning and hard work is what the Online English Olympiad tends to improvise in a child from an early age. English Olympiad In India is conducted nationwide to discover the proficients who are looking forward to having a good command of their language. Moreover, better English skills help the students throughout their careers irrespective of what field they opt for themselves, to grow their learning, grammatical as well as speaking skills.

How To Participate In English Olympiad

The participants can easily enrol on our website or download the Q Olympiad app from the Play store/ Apple store. There is a very nominal price for the registration with multiple pocket-friendly plans made available for the students. In case any errors are there at the time of registration, our team will be there to support you with your queries. The exams can be taken on the mobile phones on our application by sitting at your home with utmost ease. Therefore, the students who perform with flying colors are rewarded and awarded with amazing gifts. Hence, it’s a very user-friendly process to participate and enrol for the English Olympiad exam and to make yourself competition ready.


How to Prepare for English Olympiad

English Olympiad demands keen interest in language and intention to have a good command of the speaking skills. Daily check-in on our app to further solve daily quizzes and test papers give an added advantage to the learners. The questions and worksheets are prepared by a team of experts that helps a child prepare and strengthen his core knowledge of words and sentences.

  • English olympiad worksheets and mock tests help the students to clear their concepts for next level competitions.
  • English olympiad questions run parallel to the academic and outer world knowledge which is the need-of-the-hour for students in today’s time.
  • English olympiad syllabus gives a wider description of the pattern and formats for a higher level of preparation to be undergone.
  • Another way of undergoing good preparation is to regularly practice along with friends and family, speaking and listening to them and analysing new words.
  • Communication and grammar can be improvised by self-preparation and also considering some additional resources for an add on learning.

Benefits of English Olympiad Exams

The English Olympiad Exam helps to test the knowledge of a student in the language-based subject and make them competition-ready. The English Olympiad also pays more focus on the written and communicational skills of the students and improving them from scratch to advanced concepts. English Olympiad serves as a bridge to communication where students not only gain enough confidence but also are mentally prepared to face challenges and apply for numerous competitive exams and different levels. Therefore, English is the subject that is adopted worldwide and proficiency is a necessity for today’s students which is the key role of the English Olympiad.

Online English Olympiad Test

Practice with our interactive worksheets Learn Anytime, Anywhere


Why Choose Q Olympiad for English Olympiad Exam?

Q Olympiad gives a nationwide recognition to the students and provides a wider platform to not just give examinations but simultaneously understand the concepts with the rich-learning content provided on the application. Also, it makes sure to provide proper learning with guidance on every step.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

English Olympiad is a nationwide competitive exam that ensures a better command over language and communication and acts as a learner’s guide for every student with practice tests and topic-based worksheets.

The English Olympiad plans start from a very nominal pricing of Rupees 150 to 1000, all at a very economical pricing.

The interested students can easily register on the Q Olympiad app. Registrations are active all 12 months of the year for classes 1-12. The personal info and verification process is requested to complete the registration. The mobile app and website give detailed information on the available plans to unlock the entire study material and hurdle free preparation. Hence, it very user-friendly to apply for English Olympiad 2021.

English Olympiad demands daily revision and solving practice worksheets and sample papers for every topic is duly covered on our application. Moreover, a good understanding of grammar, sentences, words and vocabulary is the best way to study for the English Olympiad.

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