Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

We honor and celebrate your achievements by advancing your child’s mental aptitude and behavioural patterns and making a positive impact on his/her mind. We made sure that the WINNERS of the Q-Olympiad exam will be entitled to some exciting prizes and certificates.


  • Students from classes 1st-10th can participate for the Q-Olympiad exam by choosing the most appropriate Q-plan for themselves.
  • Every class will have 4 subjects i.e.,
    1. English
    2. Mathematics
    3. Science
    4. General Knowledge
  • Students must be under the 18 years of age on the first of July of the year of the competition while registering.

Who will be rewarded?

Level – 1 (Qualifying Stage)
  • Level-1 comprises 4 Sets i.e SET-A, SET-B, SET-C & SET-D.
  • Students can opt for any of the set according to their preparation. This is the qualifying stage, students who qualify the Level-1, will be eligible for the Level-2 exam.
Level – 2 (Subject & Class Winners)
  • Top 3 students in each subject from each class i.e., Classes 1-10 will be rewarded.
  • That means a total of 120 students will be entitled to the prizes from Q Olympiad.
PrizeClass 1-3Class 4-6Class 7-8Class 9-10
1st PrizeBicycleBicycleSmartphoneTablet
2nd PrizeStudy tableCricket KitAcoustic GuitarAcoustic Guitar
3rd PrizeSchool KitSkatesSmart WatchSmart Watch
  • Students who have topped their respective classes out of the 120 students from Level-2 will become our MEGA PRIZE WINNERS.
  • Participants of only Q-Infinite Plan i.e., (all 4 subjects combined) will be rewarded.
Total studentsMega Prize
10Laptop / Apple iPad
Level – 3 (Q-Star Winners)
  • Only 3 students gets entitled to the Q-STAR reward i.e., “TRIP TO NASA”
  • This means out of the 10 winners from Level 2, only the top 3 students will qualify for the Q Star reward based on the final assessment.
  • Overall performance will be judged on the basis of eligibility criteria set by our panel of experts.
Total studentsQ-Star Reward
3Trip to NASA sponsored by Q Olympiad

** To be noted :

  • Subject winners will have the access to class winner's prizes as well (only in case if the subject winner and class winner is common and have opted for the Q Infinite plan), the class winner will have to choose either of the class prize or subject prize in this case.
  • Class winners will have the access to MEGA PRIZES, but in any case, if class winner and overall winner is same then class winner will receive the opportunity to go to NASA instead of the MEGA PRIZES.
  • Prize won by the student will be sent at school’s address only not at their residential address.
  • Prize dispatching process may take up to 120 – 150 days after the declaration of the LEVEL-3 exam result.
  • Students are requested to share their corresponding school’s address within 45 days after the result declaration.
  • If school details will not be shared by the winner within 45 days then the prize will be cancelled.
  • The winning prizes cannot be transferred, changed or exchanged. The prizes are decided by the organizing committee, and no request whatsoever shall be entertained in terms of transfer, exchange or value.
  • The ranks are allocated on various factors like accuracy, correct answers, time taken etc. The allocated ranks are based on final discretion of our expert committee, and no request will be entertained whatsoever.

"Participation Certification" to each student who registers with Q Olympiad - will be sent in digital form to students.

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