Conceived with a dream of invoking an Intelligence and Emotional Quotient in kids, Q Olympiad, where Q stands for Quotient, was established to enhance the mental aptitude of children in various thesis with holistic and conjunctive teaching methods for an utmost influence.

Intending to expand gradually, Q Olympiad operates to make specific an all-inclusive development of a child’s IQ and EQ by assuring a cut-throat competition and better quality of life.

We are a team of experienced professionals focusing on letting you discover your Quotient with closely knitted knowledge-bound functionalities integrated into our app.

Disruption-free learning
Feature on Leaderboard
Affordable paid plans.
Learn and earn approach.

Our Vision

We are driven by the vision to make learning and development fun to bring out the best potential in every child, thus gearing them for success in the future and motivating them to recognize their prospects.

Our Mission

The solution that Q Olympiad tests provide to students and parents is pocket-friendly and straightforward. It's an everyday use app that helps every student grow and excel in the 'school world' and real life. Q Olympiad's mission is to equip students and parents with less expensive yet inevitably valuable tools to make every child want to learn. It comes with seamlessly flawless technology and a student-friendly interface. Q Olympiad exams make it a hassle-free experience.




A good app for quizzes and all. I have just one request that there should be 4 mock tests held everyday for every subject. It would be more interesting and fun. Children will get addicted to it. Hope my request is visible for you all.

Rosy Kundu

Great app, found its content and test series very useful for my son. Thanks to the team.

Dheeraj Sethi
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