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What is Q Olympiad?

Q Olympiad is a cutting edge offering from a team of experienced professionals from the field of education that helps enhance the mental aptitude of children in various subjects using new age and interactive teaching methods for maximum impact.

What's notable is that it simultaneously works on their behavioral patterns and emotional intelligence to ensure an all-round development of both their intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ), thus guaranteeing a competitive edge and better quality of life.

The simple and easy to use app leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to closely monitor your child’s progress and offer the customised solutions for their optimum growth and development.

Above all, appearing in a Q Olympiad exam isn't stressful at all. Children enjoy the learning process because it is engaging, fun and rewarding!


We are driven by the vision to make learning and development fun in order to bring out the best potential in every child, thus gearing them for success in the future.


The solution that Q Olympiad tests provide to students and parents is simple and pocket friendly. It's an everyday use app that helps every student grow and excel not only in the ‘school world’ but also in real life. Q Olympiad’s mission is to equip students and parents with less expensive yet inevitably valuable tools that will make every child want to learn. Backed with seamlessly flawless technology and a student-friendly interface, Q Olympiad exams make it a hassle-free experience.


Q Advantage

What if learning was no longer stressful and children looked forward to it!
Q Olympiad exam makes this possible by tapping new age technology to make learning interactive and enable children to understand the concepts in a fun and meaningful way.


Free App

The app is available free of cost, so anyone and everyone can get the Q advantage.


Disruption-free Learning

Covid or other unforeseen circumstances; let nothing come in the way of your child's learning and growth.


360° Approach

Focus on both mental aptitude (IQ) and behavioral patterns (EQ) for a competitive edge in the long run.


Affordable Paid Plans

Avail premium plans priced nominally between Rs. 150-500 for best value added features.


Psychometric Test

Psychometric tests by Q Olympiad help determine your child's mental capabilities and overall behavioral patterns. Counselling sessions are offered, if necessary, to facilitate in the improvement areas.


Feature on Leaderboard

Get a chance to showcase your talent to the world.


Get Hooked

Daily and weekly 'Quizzard' Olympiad test to keep the children hooked.


Learn & Earn

Earn virtual coins for every right answer in the Olympiad test and redeem your 'total earnings' with a prize of your choice.


Mock Olympiad Tests

Being prepared is the first step to ace an Olympiad exam. Know where you stand with the mock test, so you can plan and prepare your way to success.


Challenge Your Friends

Challenge your friends to take an Olympiad exam and see who wins! Healthy sense of competition and peer to peer interaction keeps interest levels up.

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AI Driven Platform For Guaranteed Results

AI based Q analytics and Q reviews to help improve overall intelligence and emotional quotient.

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Process to enroll for Q Olympiad

The process for preparation and Q Olympiad registration is simple


Step 1

Register for olympiad and get access to the Q app.


Step 2

Access knowledge centre and practice session to get prepared for the Olympiad.


Step 3

Get Q certified by participating in the online Olympiad test and win exciting prizes on achieving top results


360 Degree Approach

With each passing year time is changing at a very fast pace. As parents, we compare our childhood with our child’s and realize how far have we come. Have you ever wonder that your childhood time was much better than today? Well, we understand. But you must also consider how evolved the millenials are !! With knowledge and technology, and changed lifestyles, they tend to behave like this. Q works on your child’s mental aptitude and their behavioral patterns simultaneously giving them an edge in today’s competitive world, alongwith working on their Emotional intelligence. Why wait then ? Try NOW

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Q Olympiad Subjects

Self learning has gained immense significance lately with coronavirus disrupting our lives. As a result, online learning has become a norm and will continue to co-exist alongside classroom learning in the post pandemic world.

Q Olympiad provides revolutionary interactive methods to keep your child engaged in the learning process without feeling burdened or stressed.


English is a widely spoken language globally, and hence, very important for our progress in the long run, more so with geographical boundaries blurring in today's virtual world. Spellings, sentence structure and grammar are some of the basics covered by Q Olympiad tests.

It is a 'fun-to-learn' process, keeping your child excited to learn more. International level competitions ensure that there is a holistic learning environment that keeps your child abreast with all the skills required to master the language.

Categories of topics covered in English Q Olympiad:

  • Reading skills
  • Work and structure knowledge
  • Spoken and written expression
  • High Order Thinking skills


Mastering concepts is the key to becoming a Math wizard. As a scoring subject, mathematics needs ample practice that sharpens the mind for calculations and derivations.

Q Olympiad exams in Mathematics provide the necessary training in a step-by-step learning process that enables your child to not just perform his/her best but also fall in love with the subject!

Categories of topics covered in Math Q Olympiad:

  • Everyday Mathematics
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Logical reasoning
  • Real life connect


Science finally becomes a favourite of all! Q Olympiad exams for science are based on applied sciences and provide information from various esteemed professionals from the field of science.

Whether it is the basics or an in-depth upliftment of current knowledge, Q Olympiad tests ensure that all three subjects, Physics, Chemistry and Biology are well covered.

Categories of topics covered in Science Q Olympiad:

  • Everyday Science
  • Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning
  • High Order Thinking skills
  • Think and answer


Staying updated with current affairs is becoming exceedingly important. With the ever-changing world that brings new technology and innovations, general knowledge must be brushed up regularly.

Q Olympiad tests on General Knowledge are up to date with every kind of information on the environment, life skills, entertainment, sports, civics, politics and more. This helps your child keen to learn more and helps him/her in their overall development.

Categories of topics covered in GK Q Olympiad:

  • Current Affairs
  • General awareness
  • Logical reasoning
  • Values and life skills